Dealer Insurance

What is Dealership Insurance?

Nothing beats the feeling of driving away in your new car. We offer a range of insurance products to help protect your vehicle, exclusively available at any Allianz authorised dealership.

Choose the dealership insurance products that are right for you, from our Prestige Motor, Loan Protection and Extended Warranty insurances.

To learn more about these products, the features and benefits as well as what to do in the event of a claim, follow the links below.

What products are available?

All products are available to be purchased individually, or can be purchased as a bundle depending on your needs…

Prestige Motor Insurance

Provides comprehensive cover for your vehicle in case of accidental loss, theft or damage.

Loan Protection Insurance

Provides cover for your vehicle loan repayments (up to policy limits) if you become disabled, involuntarily unemployed or die.

Extended Warranty Insurance

Protects your vehicle after your manufacturer’s warranty has expired.


Speak to the Business Manager at your authorised Allianz dealership to get a quote.